Business Account & Card Agreement

1. Definitions

The Agreement shall use the definitions below:

1.1. Client means a legal entity, who is registered with Wallester System, has opened Account, and successfully completed due diligence procedures carried out by Wallester in accordance with Agreement;

1.2. Wallester means Wallester AS (registration number 11812882), the payment institution, registered office at F. R. Kreutzwaldi 4, 10120 Tallinn, Estonia, which holds activity license No. 4.1-1/224 issued by the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority;

1.3. Account means a virtual account held in the Wallester System in the name of the Client for the purpose of providing services pursuant to this Agreement;

1.4. Additional Services means services that Wallester can offer the Client on additional terms;

1.5. Agreement means this agreement concluded between Wallester and the Client regarding provision of services to the Client and all its appendices. To enter into an Agreement with Wallester, the Client must be represented by an authorized person who is at least 18 years old;

1.6. Available Funds means the amount of funds available in the Account for Operations;

1.7. Card means a payment instrument that uses the Visa network, issued by Wallester, linked to Client’s Account and which the Cardholder may use to perform Operations. Information regarding the details of the Card and its limits is available in the Wallester System and in the Wallester App. The Card can be a Chip&Pin Card or a Virtual Card;

1.8. Cardholder means a person corresponding to Wallester requirements, who is at least 18 years old and who has been authorized by the Client to use the Card on behalf of the Client. The Client is responsible for any Operations performed by the Cardholder with the Card;

1.9. Card Data includes the Cardholder’s name, the Card number, validity period and security feature (e.g. CVV code) of the Card;

1.10. Chip&Pin Card means a physical Card with an electronic chip, requiring a PIN-code as an authorization mean and has a Near Field Communication function;

1.11. Digital Wallet is a service provided by another company (e.g. Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) that allows to use the Card to complete transactions where the Digital Wallet is accepted;

1.12. Imperative Norms are legal provisions contained in legislation that cannot be derogated from by an agreement in favour of Wallester;

1.13. Means of Authentication means information, objects, attributes, or other means that enables the Cardholder to Authenticate himself, prove the validity of the Card, or authorize Operations (for example, a one-time authentication code, PIN or CVV code);

1.14. Near Field Communication means technology which can be used for contactless exchange of data over short distances;

1.15. Operation means: 1) using the Card in a Terminal to pay for goods and/or services or to obtain information and/or to withdraw cash if cash withdrawal via Visa card is enabled by service providers other than Wallester, or using the Card for online payment to a merchant providing goods and/or services; 2) making transfers of Available Funds within the Wallester System to other users of the Wallester System, if such option is provided by Wallester;

1.16. Strong Authentication means authentication of the Cardholder based on at least two elements that fall into the following categories: knowledge (something known only to the Cardholder), possession (something possessed only by the Cardholder), or attribute (something peculiar to the Cardholder), which are independent of each other, so that a breach of one of these elements does not compromise the credibility of the other, and the structure of which allows to protect the confidentiality of the authentication data. Wallester reserves the right to determine how Card 3DS Strong Authentication is configured in its sole discretion;

1.17. Terminal means an ATM, point-of-sales terminal, or any other system (incl. online environment) through which the Cardholder can perform Operations with the Card;

1.18. Top-up means adding money to the Client’s account so it will have enough balance to cover any upcoming payments;

1.19. Price List means a separate document published on the Wallester Website and the Wallester App, where all fees related to the Agreement are listed. Price List is an appendix to the Agreement. However, Wallester has the right to charge up to 0,15 € for card authorization;

1.20. Virtual Card means a Card that consists of digital Card Data, is accessible online and has no physical body;

1.21. Visa means the International Card Organization Visa Europe Ltd;

1.22. Wallester Website means the website operated and managed by Wallester to provide services to the Client and/or the Cardholder;

1.23. Wallester App means an application for a smart device, which is operated and managed by Wallester to provide services to the Client and/or the Cardholder;

1.24. Wallester System means Wallester payment service ecosystem and the Client’s self-service environment.

2. The Account

2.1. Wallester opens Account in the currency indicated in the Wallester System in the name of the Client only for the purpose of carrying out the Operations related to the Client’s business activities (expenses for the needs of the Client, payment of salaries and bonuses to employees, affiliates, etc.). All funds added to the Account may be used only for the settlement of the Operations. The Account may not be held or maintained for personal, family or household purposes. Wallester reserves the right to close the Account and the Card if Wallester determines that it is being used for personal, family or household purposes.

2.2. The funds held in the Account are not covered by the Financial Services Guarantee Scheme. The Account is not a checking or savings account and is in no way linked to any other account the Client may have. Client funds are safeguarded in segregated bank accounts and kept separate from Wallester own funds. The Client will not receive any interest on the funds held in the Account.

2.3. Wallester reflects the Available Funds and history of Operations on the Account. This information is available in the Wallester System or in the Wallester App. Wallester does not charge any fees for this information.

2.4. The Client can add (top-up) funds to the Account in the currency of the Account. When adding (topping up) funds to the Account, the Client has to follow the instructions provided in the Wallester System or in the Wallester App. All top-ups are subject to anti-fraud verification procedures, which may delay access to the funds. Wallester reserve the right to reject any request to add funds to the Account at our sole discretion.

2.5. The Client may transfer Available Funds within the Wallester System or the Wallester App to other Wallester Clients, if such option is provided by Wallester. Wallester starts the execution of the Operation immediately after the Client has authorized the Operation.

2.6. Wallester has the right to deduct the fees payable by the Client from the Available Funds in accordance with the Price List established by Wallester. If the Account does not have sufficient Available Funds to cover a fee, the amount of such fee will be deducted from any funds subsequently added to the Account.

2.7. The Client is responsible for all activities and Operations in the Wallester System, in the Wallester App and on the Account.

2.8. In case of any questions, disputes or complaints regarding the Account, the Wallester System or the Wallester App, the Client should contact the Wallester support service [email protected]

3. Use of the Card

3.1. Only the Cardholder has the right to perform Operations with the Card. The Card may be used only for purposes related to the business activities of the Client. The Card is not a gift card and shall not be used for gift purposes. The Card is not a credit card.

3.2. Upon issuance of the Card, the Cardholder shall be provided with personal Means of Authentication (e.g. PIN or CVV code), which shall serve as the Cardholder’s signature when performing the Operations. At the Cardholder’s request, Wallester shall have the right to send the Card and the Means of Authentication by post to the address provided by the Cardholder to Wallester.

3.3. Before the Cardholder can use the Card, they must activate it by following the activation instructions provided by Wallester. The Card is activated either in the Wallester System or through the Wallester App. The Cardholder may start performing Operations with the Card once the Card has been activated.

3.4. The Cardholder has the right to perform Operations within the amount and limits established by Wallester. Information about the limits applicable to the Card can be viewed in the Wallester App. Wallester has the right to increase or decrease the Card usage limits at its own discretion, and to the extent permitted by applicable law, without prior notice to the Client.

3.5. When using the Card, Wallester Cardholder is required to use Strong Authentication, except for the limits prescribed for Operations performed with a Near Field Communication device.

3.6. If there is not enough Available Funds available to perform an Operation with the Card, some merchants will not allow the combined use of the Card with other payment methods.

3.7. Wallester starts the execution of the Operation immediately after the Cardholder has authorized the Operation with the Card. Authorization (the Cardholder’s consent to perform an Operation) may be performed using the Card or through the acquirer using the Card Data. If the Cardholder has authorized the Operation with the Card, the Cardholder is not entitled to a refund of the Operation, unless the person who provided the corresponding service (for example, the merchant) agrees to refund the amount paid for the Operation. The Client accepts that all Operations authorized by the Cardholder are valid for Wallester and shall be executed by Wallester.

3.8. At the request of the person servicing the Card, the Cardholder is obliged to present an identity document and consent to the recording of the document’s data.

3.9. Wallester has the right to refuse to execute any Operations with the Card if:

3.9.1. the Card is invalid or closed or the use of the Card is blocked;

3.9.2. Wallester believes that the Operation may violate the law or the terms of this Agreement;

3.9.3. the Card is being used on illegal websites or with payment processors supporting illegal websites, or to purchase illegal goods or services;

3.9.4. the Operation amount and/or limit (including the Operation fees and expenses) exceeds the Available Funds and/or the limit established by Wallester;

3.9.5. the Card is used for personal, family or household purposes;

3.9.6. on any other basis arising from the Agreement or legislation.

3.10. Wallester has the right to block the use of the Card until the circumstances have been verified if:

3.10.1. Wallester has become aware of a circumstance on the basis of which it can be reasonably concluded that the Card is available and/or its Means of Authentication are known to a person who is not authorised to use the Card;

3.10.2. the use of the Card may be associated with fraudulent or unlawful activities, or Wallester reasonably believes that the Card is being used inappropriately;

3.10.3. the Client or the Cardholder fails to fulfil its obligations under the Agreement;

3.10.4. there are other grounds for blocking based on the Agreement or legislation.

3.11. If the basis for blocking the Card pursuant to Clause 3.10 does not cease to exist or there is another basis for closing the Card under the Agreement, Wallester has the right to close all Cards and/or the Account.

3.12. Unless otherwise provided in the Imperative Norms, Wallester shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Client and/or the Cardholder or any other third party as a result of Wallester blocking the use of the Card or closing the Card in accordance with the Agreement. This shall also apply if Wallester blocks the use of the Card in good faith on the basis of false information.

3.13. Wallester has the right to assume that all the Operations with the Card have been carried out by the Cardholder in accordance with the Cardholder’s will, until proven otherwise or until the Cardholder has informed Wallester in accordance with Clause 4.3.

3.14. When using the Card, the fees related to the Operations are also taken into account, including the fee for requesting a limit query and/or viewing the Operation statement via ATM, as well as the additional fees and conversion fees calculated by Visa, etc. Claims for Operations outside the European Economic Area are received by Wallester from Visa in Euros or converted into Euros. If the Operation was performed in a currency other than the currency of the Account, the Operation will be converted by the Visa at a rate set by Visa on the day of the Operation. Information on the applicable exchange rates is available on the Visa website. Any change in the reference rate mentioned in the conversion provision shall take effect immediately and without prior notice to the Client.

3.15. The Client and/or the Cardholder shall have the right to request the blocking and/or closing of the Card at any time. The Client or the Cardholder is obliged to inform Wallester of any malfunctions or disturbances that prevent carrying out the Operations with the Card. In case of any requests, questions, disputes or complaints regarding the Card or the Operations with the Card, the Client or the Cardholder shall contact the Wallester support service [email protected].

4. Security Requirements for Using the Card

4.1. The Cardholder shall use the Card in accordance with the Agreement including the following requirements:

4.1.1. to make every effort to protect the Chip&Pin Card from mechanical damage, high temperatures, electromagnetic exposure, copying, alteration, etc.;

4.1.2. not to disclose the Chip&Pin Card or the Card Data or the Means of Authentication to any third party, except to the person accepting the payment for the duration of an Operation;

4.1.3. to use the Card only in Terminals marked with the Visa logo or in Internet environments supported by Visa and to follow the instructions of the Terminal or the Internet environment when performing Operations. The instructions written on the Terminal shall be deemed to be correct and given by the Terminal. Wallester shall not be liable for any damage caused by a breach of this Clause of the Agreement;

4.1.4. not to use the Card for illegal purposes and in a manner prohibited by applicable law, including the purchase of prohibited goods and services;

4.1.5. not to store the Card Data or the Means of Authentication on a data carrier;

4.1.6. to immediately report any errors or disruptions hindering the performance of Operations;

4.1.7. to beware of fraud. Wallester will never ask the Client or the Cardholder to provide Wallester with the Card Data or the Means of Authentication by email or phone. Therefore, do not provide anyone with any information about the Card Data or the Means of Authentication if such request is purportedly made on behalf of Wallester;

4.1.8. fulfil other obligations arising from the Agreement or legislation.

4.2. In order to ensure the security of Operations, the Cardholder undertakes to periodically change the Means of Authentication of the Card, when the relevant procedures and deadlines have been established by Wallester.

4.3. If the Card is unauthorized or misused, or if the Card and/or its Means of Authentication have been lost or stolen or have or may have become known to a third party who is not entitled to use them, the Cardholder is obliged to promptly report the incident to the Wallester phone number during the business hours shown on the Wallester Website. Wallester support service e-contact: [email protected].

4.4. Upon receipt of the information referred to in Clause 4.3, Wallester shall make every effort to prevent further use of the Card (incl. blocking the Card).

4.5. Wallester and/or any other person servicing the Card has the right to refuse to execute the Operation and/or withhold the Card if the Card and/or its Means of Authentication have been used incorrectly or if Wallester and/or the person servicing the Card has doubts about the user’s identity.

5. Validity of the Card and Issue of a New Card

5.1. The Card is valid until the last day (inclusive) of the calendar month indicated on the Card.

5.2. After the expiry of the validity period of the Card:

5.2.1. Wallester shall have the right to issue a new Chip&Pin Card (replacement card). Wallester shall inform the Client about the time and/or manner of receiving the new Chip&Pin Card;

5.2.2. the new Virtual Card is not issued automatically. The Client has to submit a new application for the Virtual Card.

5.3. Wallester has the right not to issue a new Card upon expiry of the Card’s validity or upon the Client’s application for a new Card (replacement card), if the Client and/or the Cardholder has breached any obligation or condition for the use of the Card arising from this Agreement or any other agreement concluded with Wallester, or if the Client or the Cardholder no longer meets the requirements set by Wallester.

5.4. If the Client does not want a new Chip&Pin Card, the Client shall notify Wallester in writing or in another manner accepted by Wallester at least 45 days before the last day of the month indicated on the Card.

5.5. If the Client does not accept the Card and/or the Card is not activated within 3 months from the date of creation of the Card, Wallester has the right to close and destroy the Card without refunding any service charges.

5.6. The Client undertakes not to use the Card and not to allow the Cardholder to use an invalid, closed or otherwise unusable Card, and to physically destroy the Card within 3 days after it became closed or invalid or unusable.

6. Digital Wallet

6.1. An alternative way to use the Card may be the Digital Wallet service. Use of the Digital Wallet is subject to additional terms and conditions and is provided at the sole discretion of Wallester. The Digital Wallet may not be accepted at all locations where the Card is otherwise accepted. The Cardholder may add or remove a Card from the Digital Wallet in accordance with the Digital Wallet provider’s instructions.

6.2. Wallester will not charge the Client any additional fees for adding the Card to the Digital Wallet or using the Card in the Digital Wallet. The Digital Wallet provider may charge additional fees for the use of the Digital Wallet.

6.3. Wallester is not a Digital Wallet provider and is not responsible for the provision of the Digital Wallet service or for any failure of the Digital Wallet or inability to use the Digital Wallet for any transaction. Wallester is only responsible for providing secure information to the Digital Wallet provider to enable the use of the Card in the Digital Wallet as requested by the Client.

6.4. The Cardholder is responsible for protecting their mobile device, passwords and other information required to make Operations using the Digital Wallet and is responsible for all transactions made through their mobile device, whether the credentials used are those of the Cardholders or another person.

6.5. In the event of any questions, disputes or complaints in connection with the Digital Wallet, the Client should contact the Digital Wallet provider.

7. Merchandise Returns

7.1. In case of problems with a purchase made with the Card, or disputes with the merchant (incorrect billing or rejection of goods), the Client must resolve the problem directly with the merchant.

7.2. Wallester shall not be liable for the delivery (or non-delivery), quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of the services or goods purchased with the Card.

7.3. If the Client is entitled to a refund for goods or services purchased with the Card, then the Client may accept the refund on the Card. If the merchant agrees to refund on the Card, then such funds may not be available up to 7 business days.

8. Additional Services

8.1. Wallester has the right to provide the Clients with the use of Additional Services offered by Wallester and/or third parties, as well as terminate the provision of such Additional Services at any time. Descriptions, prices, terms and conditions of use of Additional Services is available on the Wallester Website.

8.2. In case any Additional Services are provided by third parties, the use of such Additional Services shall comply with the terms and conditions stipulated by the respective third parties. The Wallester shall not be liable for any of the Additional Services by third parties and the Client shall resolve any problems associated with such Additional Services with the provider of the respective Additional Service.

8.3. The use of Additional Services by the Client is voluntary. In case the Client wishes to use any of Additional Services, he/she shall review the terms and conditions of the respective Additional Service before using the Additional Service and by using any of Additional Services the Client consents to the respective terms and conditions applicable to the Additional Service.

9. Information and Submission of Complaints

9.1. The Client or the Cardholder is obliged to check the correctness of the performed Operations. Complaints regarding unauthorized and/or improperly executed Operations shall be raised without undue delay, but no later than within the time limit provided for by the applicable legislation, in a format that allows for written reproduction.

9.2. If the Client or the Cardholder has authorized the Operation without knowing the exact amount, the Client has the right to file a complaint to or claim refund of the Operation amount directly from the recipient of the payment resulting from the Operation, instead of Wallester.

9.3. All other complaints and disputes between the Client and Wallester shall be settled by negotiation. If Wallester and the Client fail to reach an agreement with negotiations, the dispute shall be settled by the court of the place where Wallester has its registered office.

9.4. The Client agrees that this Agreement and the contractual relations arising from it shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia and that disputes shall be settled by the Estonian court, unless it conflicts with Imperative Norms.

10. Liability

10.1. Wallester and the Client and/or the Cardholder shall be liable for breach of their obligations in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement and legal enactments. Wallester shall not be liable for failure to perform Operations if:

10.1.1. if there are insufficient Available Funds in the Account to carry out the Operation;

10.1.2. if there is not enough cash in the ATM where the Operation is performed;

10.1.3. if the Terminal where the Operation was performed did not work properly;

10.1.4. if circumstances beyond Wallester control (e.g. fire, flood, national emergency, computer or communication failure) prevent the Operation from being performed;

10.1.5. if a merchant refuses to accept the Card;

10.1.6. if the Card has been blocked after the Client or the Cardholder has reported the loss or theft of the Card or the Card Data;

10.1.7. if Available Funds are subject of legal proceedings or any other encumbrance restricts their use;

10.1.8. if Wallester has reason to believe that the Operation is unauthorized;

10.1.9. there are other reasons arising from the Agreement or legislation.

10.2. Wallester shall not be liable for third parties involved in performing Operations, for goods or services paid by the Card, and in cases where acceptance of the Card for the performance of an Operation is refused.

10.3. If an unauthorized payment has been made using the lost or stolen Card and/or the Means of Authentication, or if the Card and/or the Means of Authentication have been used in any other unlawful manner, and if the Cardholder has not properly stored the Card and/or the Means of Authentication, and if there are no legal circumstances excluding liability, the Client and the Cardholder shall be liable for any damage caused until the acceptable notification to Wallester, but not exceeding the amount of 50 euros. This amount limit shall not apply if the unauthorized payment is due to fraud on the part of the Client or the Cardholder, or if the Client or the Cardholder has intentionally or grossly negligently breached the following:

10.3.1. the obligation to use the Card and/or the Means of Authentication in accordance with the Agreement on its issuance and use, including the obligation to make every effort to protect the Card and/or the Means of Authentication enabling its use from the moment of receipt of the Card and/or the Means of Authentication;

10.3.2. the obligation to report the loss, theft and unauthorized or improper use of the Card and/or the Means of Authentication immediately after becoming aware of the relevant incident;

10.3.3. one or more conditions for issuing or using the Card and/or the Means of Authentication.

11. Entry into Force, Amendment and Termination

11.1. The Agreement shall enter into force upon its acceptance by the Client and after the Client has successfully passed the acceptance procedure performed by Wallester. The Agreement shall not have a fixed term.

11.2. Wallester has the right to unilaterally amend the Agreement or any of its appendices by notifying the Client thereof at least 2 months in advance. Within these 2 months, the Client has the right to terminate the Agreement with immediate effect and free of charge provided that all obligations under the Agreement have been fulfilled. If the Client has not terminated the Agreement within the aforementioned period, he shall be deemed to have accepted the amendments.

11.3. The Client shall have the right to terminate the Agreement with a notice period of at least 1 month.

11.4. Wallester has the right to terminate the Agreement with a notice of at least 1 month.

11.5. Wallester has the right to terminate the Agreement as an extraordinary remedy without prior notice if:

11.5.1. the risks associated with the Client are beyond Wallester risk appetite;

11.5.2. the Client and/or the Cardholder has provided false information to Wallester when applying for the Card or has failed to provide the Client and/or the Cardholder with known information that affects the performance of the Agreement;

11.5.3. the Client has not fulfilled its payment obligations to Wallester within a grace period of 14 days given to the Client;

11.5.4. the Card issued hereunder has been closed and/or blocked for at least 4 consecutive months;

11.5.5. the Card expires and the Cardholder fails to accept the new Card from Wallester within the period stipulated in Clause 5.5 (incl. failure to activate the new Card);

11.5.6. the Card has not been used for Operations for 6 consecutive months;

11.5.7. Wallester reasonably believes that Wallester’s services are being used in a fraudulent, illegal or improper manner.

11.6. In addition to the cases stipulated in the Agreement, Wallester shall have the right to terminate the Agreement as an extraordinary remedy without giving advance notice on other statutory grounds.

11.7. Termination of the Agreement shall not affect the collectability or satisfaction of financial claims that arose prior to termination.

11.8. Upon termination of the Agreement, the Client’s Account and all active Cards shall be closed, as well as the provision of Additional Services is terminated. Wallester returns the Available Funds held in the Account to the Client within 30 days. Wallester shall take into account the outstanding payments authorised by the Client prior to the closure of the Account and termination of the Agreement, and deduct all fees due to Wallester in accordance with the Price List.

12. Wallester Rights in Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing

12.1. In preventing money laundering and terrorist financing, Wallester shall have the following rights:

12.1.1. to request additional information about the Client and/ or the Cardholder at the time of entering into the Agreement or during the execution of such Agreements;

12.1.2. to request additional information about the Client, their representatives, owners and ultimate beneficial owners and the Client’s business activities, incl. data on the origin of the wealth of the Client and their beneficial owners, on their contractual partners, turnover, the share of cash and non-cash transactions, frequency of transactions, etc.;

12.1.3. periodically verify the information forming the basis for the identification of the Client and/or the Cardholder and request the Client and/or the Cardholder to submit additional documents;

12.1.4. to identify the Client, the Cardholder and/or the beneficial owner at any time chosen by Wallester, especially if Wallester has doubts about the accuracy of the information obtained during the initial identification;

12.1.5. to impose temporary or permanent restrictions on Operations;

12.1.6. to request documents and information about the activities of the Client and/or the Cardholder, including information about the purpose and nature of the transaction and the origin of the Client’s assets;

12.1.7. to request the Client documents that form the basis of a transaction, including information or documents about the counterparty to the transaction, the beneficial owner, or other persons involved in the transaction;

12.1.8. to request the Client and/or the Cardholder to provide any other information and to take any other action Wallester deems necessary to implement its anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing measures.

12.2. Wallester has the right to refuse to provide services to the Client or to issue a Card and/or to execute Operations if the Client and/or the Cardholder fails to comply with the requirements set out in Clause 12.1.

12.3. The Client or his representative hereby confirms the following:

12.3.1. he/she has read and agree to the information published on the Wallester Website about identification procedures;

12.3.2. he/she performs these activities in person;

12.3.3. the information provided by him/her is correct and complete and he/she is aware of the consequences of providing false, misleading or incomplete information;

12.3.4. he/she does not provide false, misleading, or incomplete information when establishing a business relationship with Wallester;

12.3.5. he/she fulfils the necessary conditions for establishing a business relationship established by Wallester;

12.3.6. he/she agrees to the application of the legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

13. Final Provisions

13.1. The Client is responsible for notifying Wallester of any change in their mailing address, email address, or phone number within 5 days of the change. Any communication with the Client will only be made using the most recent postal address, email address or telephone number provided to Wallester.

13.2. Wallester and the Client agree not to disclose any information relating to the conclusion or performance of this Agreement to any third party, unless this is necessary for the processing of the Card or the Operations or has been agreed herein. Wallester shall have the right to process relevant data in order to provide the service to the Client and/or the Cardholder in accordance with this Agreement.

13.3. Wallester has the right to disclose information about Operations, the Account, the Card, the Client and/or the Cardholder to third parties whose right to receive information arises from legal enactments and/or Wallester’s principles of processing client data.

13.4. The specific terms and conditions for processing of personal data are stipulated in the Privacy Policy available on Wallester Website.

13.5. Supervision over Wallester’s activities shall be carried out by the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority (address: Sakala 4, 15030 Tallinn, telephone: +372 668 0500, e-mail: [email protected], website:

13.6. By entering into this Agreement, the Client certify that:

13.6.1. The Client have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Agreement, agree with them and agree that the terms and conditions of the Agreement are not signed as a separate document;

13.6.2. The Client accepts the fees indicated in the Price List;

13.6.3. The funds in the Account belong to the Client, are of lawful origin and are used only in the course of the Client’s business.