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Physical and virtual corporate cards for efficient financial management. Empower your business with Wallester Business cards today.

  • Instant virtual card issuance
  • Perfect solution for online media buying
  • Physical card express delivery
  • Contactless payment option (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.)
  • Individual spending limits
  • Exclusive Platinum card benefits

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Key features of Wallester
Business cards

Wallester Business smart cards — a new level of corporate finance management. Instant issuance, flexible settings, payments monitoring, limit set-up — a set of functions for efficient budget control of your company.

Issue virtual cards in seconds and manage them in the mobile app. The cards are ready to use, allowing instantly pay for corporate expenses.
Create an unlimited number of physical cards with delivery to any part of the world. You’ll receive the cards as soon as possible, and while waiting, you can use the digital version.
Pay with the cards wherever you are. Wallester Business payment cards are accepted in all countries using the VISA payment system.
Set personal spending limits on cards. Let employees make corporate purchases freely without worrying about budget overruns.
Make payments in EUR with no commission or other convenient currency — the conversion is automatic and made with the most beneficial exchange rate.
Connect the cards to contactless payment systems (Apple Pay, Google Pay, and others) to make fast and safe payments using mobile devices or smart-watches.
Expand your features with the Platinum plan and benefit from the best premium offers: Priority Pass, Visa Luxury Hotel Collection, and many others.
Looking for a perfect card solution? You have found it!
How does it work?
Make payment

Pay for your purchases with a Wallester Business card and get an instant payment notification in the app.

Add an invoice

Take a photo of an invoice using the Wallester app, and it will be automatically added to the system.

That’s it!

Wallester Business will do all the rest for you, relieving you from tiring expense reporting!

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Streamline corporate expense management right now — join Wallester Business and issue cards for any business needs.

Corporate Cards FAQ
Set spending limits for your corporate card to monitor business purchases. Control the usage of your cards for appropriate business supplies. Monitor charges to prevent inappropriate use. Your company can optimize working capital for your business using corporate cards. These cards simplify procurement and save costs on purchases for small businesses. The card program is suitable for business customers who value ease and comfort.

Manage working capital. Real-time transaction monitoring helps you to manage your funds more efficiently and reveals new payment options. Works for start-ups, small businesses, established enterprises, and new and existing customers.

Pay suppliers promptly. You may decrease the turnover period from months to days with purveyors and existing customers. Instant card payments through convenient software with online access simplify your business processes and working capital turnover.

Streamline payment processes. All required information is on your dashboard: metrics, statistics, and categories. You can sort transactions and see their status, employee roles, and other features to ease the payment process. It’s an excellent tool for small businesses and applies to future and existing customers.

Sort expenses quicker. Employee charges are sorted quickly during travel, while card report forms centrally.

Enhance control. Increase control over your business spending and eliminate unnecessary costs. A sophisticated payment mechanism reduces the need for redundant cash solutions. Both large and small businesses can use this tool efficiently in day-to-day practice for new and existing customers.

Save employees’ time. Your staff doesn’t need to enter data manually because payment processes are automated.

Contactless payment. This kind of payment can save you time while your employees can swipe cards or digital devices at the POS terminals to complete transactions much faster.

Complete integrations with accounting software reveal such benefits for your company:

Expense reporting. Your accountant can monitor individual purchases of your employees in real time within the payment network.

Expense management. You can manage your expenditures by creating spending limits and analyzing your team’s purchases more efficiently.

Your company needs to establish specific steps, including client’s identification, to protect corporate cards from misuse by their employees. The primary steps are:

  • Set expectations. Outline all user rules and responsibilities via the annual card user agreement and other documents.
  • Analyze spending. Monitor your employees’ expenses, especially if they charge for something suspicious or unrelated to business.
  • Limit liabilities. Set reasonable spending limits for your corporate cards.
  • Establish alerts. A corporate card provider can notify you when some doubtful operations are intended to happen.
  • Ask for receipts. Your employees provide all checks for better control by the operator.
  • Digitize business expenses. Any employee can easily detect distrustful operations when you have an automated and comprehensive digital payment solution.

Here’s how to set up the corporate card program:

  • Register by entering your email.
  • Add more information about your company.
  • Verify your account by entering company information and corporate documents in order favorable for you.
  • Complete identity verification:
    • Provide information about at least one board member (director) and about all ultimate beneficiary owners (UBO) owning 25% or more (if there are none — all who own 10% or more if there are none — all who possess the maximum possible %).
    • Provide phone numbers for the people mentioned above.
  • After we have approved all of the provided information (company information, corporate documents, and identity verification), please accept the agreement, which contains the necessary terms and conditions.
  • Once you’ve accepted the agreement, you can start working immediately.
  • Contact our sales managers or administrator if you have more questions.
Through corporate cards, employees charge for such services as hotel rooms, planes, buses, or any other transportation tickets and other products and services for corporate purposes.
A VISA card issued for company employees is called a corporate card. Company employees can use these cards to transact business payments, e.g., transportation tickets, corporate entertainment, or new software expenses, without using their personal cards.
The main difference between business and corporate cards lies in who is accountable for fees and debt. The company is liable for corporate cards, whoever charges. The primary cardholder is personally responsible for business cards.
You can use your corporate cards abroad whenever your employees need extra local money. They can withdraw cash or pay for goods and services for commercial purposes within the payment network.