Legal Notice

The terms provided in this Legal Notice apply to the use of the Materials by the Visitors of the Website.

The terms in the Legal Notice do not apply to the use of the Wallester Services. Use of the Wallester Services is covered by client agreements between Wallester and its clients.

In addition to this Legal Notice, use of the Website by the Visitors is covered by the Cookie Policy and the Privacy Policy.


The Materials on the Website are published solely as informative and for the purpose of introducing the Wallester Services to the Visitors.

Wallester assumes no responsibility for the resulting consequences if the Materials used for any other purpose.

Correctness and completeness

Wallester commits to keep the Materials updated and free of errors. If mistakes or ambiguities should nevertheless occur, these are not basis for any claims against Wallester.

The Visitor who notices a possible error or ambiguity on the Website is encouraged to contact Wallester via following e-mail address: [email protected].

Licence and ownership

The Visitors have the right to view and make copies of the Materials. Following applies to making copies of the Materials:

  • no changes are made to the Materials,
  • reference to the Website is provided on the copies if shared with third parties.

To use the materials on different conditions than what is provided above, request can be made via following e-mail address: [email protected].

Ownership of intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks etc) in the Wallester Materials remains vested in Wallester. Ownership of intellectual property rights in the Third-Party Materials remains vested in the corresponding third party.

Links to external websites

The Website includes links to external websites, such as social media accounts of Wallester. Although Wallester monitors the external websites to verify that their policies applying to the published content follow good practices, Wallester has no control over the contents of these websites. Therefore, Wallester assumes no responsibility regarding the contents of these external websites.

Links to this Website

Links from external websites to this Website must comply with following rules:

  • the link refers to an entire page of the Website, i.e., the link cannot refer to individual Materials on the Website,
  • the link opens in full window of the web browser, i.e., the Materials cannot be displayed as a part of the external webpage.


The original language of this Legal Notice is English. In case of discrepancies between the original version in English and its translations, the English version has priority over the translation.

Wallester may update this Legal Notice from time to time. Current version of the Legal Notice is published on the Website.

Materials — texts, images, audio clips, video clips, layout, graphic elements, and other content published on the Website.

Third-Party Materials — Materials on the Website which are not owned by Wallester, such as embedded videos, maps etc.

Visitor — the natural person (i.e., human) who accesses the Materials on the Website.

Wallester — Wallester AS, the owner of the Website.

Wallester Materials — the Materials on the Website which are owned by Wallester.

Wallester Service — services that Wallester provides to its clients, such as Wallester Business and Wallester White Label.

Website — this public website of Wallester (