Wallester Business
Platinum Card

Ideal for business travelers seeking special comfort and premium benefits.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle
with Platinum

Clients get airport lounge access, expense management tools, special offers and discounts from Visa and partners.

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Where Luxury
Meets Convenience

  • Solution for the small business
  • Premium service package
  • Rewards program to help your business with exclusive discounts
  • Travel and lifestyle premium benefits
  • Preventing business disruptions and accidental events

Exclusive benefits

This card has been specifically designed to exceed your highest expectations

  • Worldwide
    airport experiences
    with LoungeKey

    Relax and unwind before your flight with LoungeKey

    With LoungeKey membership, access 1000+ worldwide lounges for a peaceful escape from the airport crowds.

    Enjoy range of amenities such as complimentary refreshments, Wi-Fi, and entertainment. Elevate your travel experience with LoungeKey.

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  • Dedicated

    24/7 personal assistance from a dedicated account manager

    Get help with managing your account, billing, and maximizing benefits for ultimate convenience, support, and security.

  • Tailored
    Premium offers
    & discounts

    Looking for exclusive deals and discounts on premium products?

    Tailored Premium offers personalized deals based on your preferences, with exclusive discounts on a wide range of products and services, from travel and top-quality electronics to other categories.

    Join now for personalized savings you won’t find anywhere else!

  • Visa
    Luxury Hotel

    Luxury lodging, exceptional dining and exclusive perks

    Get exclusive perks like room upgrades and free breakfast with Wallester Business Platinum.

    Trust our Best Available Rate Guarantee for the best price. Make Visa Luxury Hotel Collection your choice for a luxurious getaway.

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Get your Platinum card today

  • Create a free business account Enter your corporate information
    to begin using the Wallester platform.
  • Upgrade your plan Upgrade your pricing plan to Platinum.
    Contact your personal manager to get an exclusive BIN range.
  • Get your Platinum card Order your card from the Wallester app and start using it.

Platinum Privilege

Ready to experience the ultimate in luxury? Upgrade to a platinum card for exclusive benefits and premium perks!

What CFOs often ask about

The Wallester Business Platinum Card is a debit card designed specifically for small business owners and frequent business travelers who value convenience, luxury, exclusive benefits and added protection for their business operations.
By upgrading to the Wallester Business Platinum Card, you gain access to a range of premium benefits, including airport lounge access, dedicated account manager, convenient expense management tools with detailed analytics, special offers, and discounts from Visa and its partners.
Upon registering a Wallester Business account, you can access the contact details of your assigned personal manager in the sidebar menu.
LoungeKey offers access to airport lounges, dining, and retail discounts. Firstly, you need to register at or through the mobile application by providing your personal and Platinum card details. There, you can find the available lounges and make a reservation. Upon arrival at the designated lounge, show your card to gain entry.
Regardless of the pricing plan, any client whose turnover for half a year exceeds 10,000 euros can apply for a Wallester Business Platinum Card.

To apply for Platinum Card, follow these steps:

  • Create a free business account on the Wallester platform.
  • Once you have entered your corporate information, you can upgrade your pricing plan to Platinum. Alternatively, your turnover for half a year needs to exceed 10,000 euros.
  • Next, contact your personal manager to receive an exclusive BIN range and further information to proceed with obtaining the card.