budget management

Create cards for different teams and projects to streamline budget allocation and monitor corporate expenses easily. Smart tools, individual limit setting, and expense control in real-time will help you always stay within the budget set.

Everything you need
for budget control

  • Efficient finance
    Issuing an unlimited number of cards allows you to create separate payment cards for each team or project, allocating the funding in line with specific objectives.
  • Fund flow
    Transaction monitoring in real time and instant notifications ensure that you’ll always be aware of spending, while personal limits will help stay within the corporate budget.
  • Digital document
    A single system to process and store invoices in the digital format eliminates paperwork and document loss and significantly simplifies financial accounting.

Innovative solutions from Wallester Business can be adjusted to the needs of any business and allow for streamlining the budget management of various companies –
from small startups to big corporations.

Streamline budget management
with Wallester Business

  • Single transaction limit €250 / purchase
    Allowed categories Restaurants and 7 more
    Spending limit €1,250 / week
    A unified platform allows you to stay on top of the funds on all corporate cards, facilitating financial flow monitoring and ensuring full expense transparency.
  • Budget control Detailed data on corporate expenses are displayed online, letting you evaluate the budget status promptly and fine-tune it if needed.
  • Financial reports
    in one click
    Create financial reports in seconds and quickly analyze the data — both general card statistics and selected details based on the different categories and time periods.
  • Financial
    Thanks to integrated services, you can instantly export the data to your existing system, greatly facilitating financial accounting and reporting.

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Wallester Business is a perfect solution to streamline the budget management of your company. You will receive access to a complete set of tools for efficient finance control.

  • Easy budget monitoring Stay on top of all corporate expenses in online mode
  • Convenient invoice storage Store your invoices in a digital format on a unified platform
  • Quick report generation Create detailed reports based on various parameters
  • Time-saving Speed up financial accounting thanks to automated reporting

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