business expense

Streamline corporate financial management and track all business expenses in real-time

  • Card issuance in minutes
    Instantly issue virtual cards for the employees, letting them pay for required corporate expenses right away.
  • Real-time
    View card funds flow in a unified system to stay on top of all business expenses and efficiently adjust the corporate budget.
  • Flexible
    Manage corporate expenses, set individual daily and monthly limits, and regulate access to various payment methods and cash withdrawals.
  • Shared access to virtual cards
    Grant access rights to mutual virtual cards simultaneously to multiple employees or individual projects.
  • High
    All Wallester Business cards are protected by a multi-level 3D Secure 2.0 system, while instant expense notifications reduce fraud risks.
  • Instant
    Coming soon
    After each card payment, the employees will receive instant reminders to upload an invoice to the app — no more missing information or report delays.

All-in-one solution for expense control

Monitor all types of corporate spending on a unified platform.

Wallester Business is perfect for business expense control and company finance management.

  • Work rides Pay for fuel or business taxi rides with a corporate card. With Wallester Business, you no longer need to spend out of pocket, save paper bills and wait for reimbursements.
  • Business trip expenses The employees can easily make purchases when traveling on business in any part of the world. The innovative Wallester Business platform lets you stay on top of all corporate spending in real-time.
  • Online media buying Launch multiple ad campaigns and manage them using a separate virtual card. Wallester Business simplifies media buying and greatly facilitates financial accounting.
  • Cash payments When paying in cash, you can withdraw money from a corporate card, make a purchase, and then simply upload an invoice photo in the mobile app.

Level up your business expense management

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Virtual cards
with shared access

Issue virtual cards with shared access to multiple employees at once and let them simultaneously use card funds to pay expenses

How it works

1 Create a virtual card via the platform or mobile app
2 Give card access rights for specific employees
3 The card access link will be automatically sent via SMS to each employee
4 You’re all set!

The employees can now make purchases simultaneously using a mutual virtual card, while each user’s expenses will be displayed in a unified system in real time.

Benefits of a card
with shared access

  • Mutual card for teams and individual projects
  • Instant card issuance for a group of users
  • Efficient budget allocation
  • Handy expense control

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Why companies choose us

99% Improved business performance
97% Started controlling expenses more efficiently
95% Facilitated financial accounting

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