Financial accounting optimization

Integrate the Wallester Business solution via innovative REST API and easily export expense data into your financial accounting system.

  • Expense reports

    Generate detailed financial reports based on the parameters convenient for you. View general budget statistics or data on specific corporate cards.

  • Data sorting

    Apply advanced platform settings to sort corporate expenses by purchase type and payment status and use filters to search the required transactions quickly.

  • Data export

    Use the opportunities of our REST API to work with data with maximum convenience. Export expense reports in various formats (Excel, PDF, CSV, etc.).

Wallester Business will help you instantly create financial reports and efficiently manage large volumes of statistical data. Ready to join Wallester Business?

Reporting with wallester business

The Wallester Business multifunctional platform allows you to process and systemize financial data and create detailed reports accurately.

Benefits for the whole company


Company management tracks corporate expenses on the platform or via the mobile app and generates financial reports for analysis and budget planning if required.

Financial department

Financial department specialists control the expense data in real time, and the entire document flow is arranged on a single platform, significantly speeding up and facilitating financial accounting.


Employees use corporate payment cards for work purposes and upload invoices via a mobile app, which are stored in a digital format and available for processing at any time.

The perfect solution
for financial reporting

The comprehensive functionality of Wallester Business allows for combining all the processes related to budget management, data analysis, and systematization, greatly facilitating financial accounting.

Key benefits

  • Simplified accounting
  • Works with any amount of data
  • Fast report generation
  • Export into various file formats
  • Easy integration via REST API
  • Adaptation to any financial system

Upgrade to the
next level of

financial management

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