3 steps
to streamline expenses

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Sign up and top up your account

Create a free account, complete the verification, and top up the Wallester Business account via bank transfer.

Issue and set corporate cards

Create physical and virtual cards offering instant access to the funds and set individual limits.

Control expenses in real time

Allow employees to pay freely with Wallester Business cards and track all the expenses in a unified system.

All set!

You can start using the product and enjoy all the benefits of the Plug&Play platform in the world of finance!

Everything you need for
financial management

  • Card issuance Create physical and virtual corporate cards instantly ready to use.
  • Make payments Let the employees use the cards for working purposes and pay for business expenses with the limits set.
  • Expense monitoring Easily track the expenses on all corporate cards in real time and always stay within the budget.
  • Invoice storage Store invoices in a digital format on a single platform to ensure fast access to the documents and facilitate financial accounting.
  • Accounting Synchronize your expense data with the software you use to make your accounting easier.
  • Export reports Export expense reports into various file formats for the most convenient data handling.

How Wallester Business works

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Answers to frequently asked questions

To join the card program:

  • Register by entering your email address.
  • Add information about your company.
  • Confirm the details by attaching corporate documents.
  • Complete identity verification:
    • Please provide the information about at least one Member of the Board (director) and all ultimate beneficiary owners holding 25% of shares or more (if none — about all the owners holding 10% or more, or about all owners holding the maximum amount of shares).
    • Provide the phone numbers of the parties mentioned above.
  • Upon the checkup and approval of all details provided, please accept the agreement containing all program terms & conditions.
  • After these steps are completed, you will become a Wallester Business program member and will be able to use all the benefits of the platform. Please contact our support team or sales managers if you have any additional questions.

Any legal entities registered in the EEA and the UK can join the platform.
Employees can pay for any business expenses, including flight tickets, hotel accommodations, and other goods and services required for corporate purposes using corporate cards. Additionally, Wallester Business cards are perfectly suitable for online media buying on various media platforms.
  • Increased control
    You can conveniently allocate the budget per card, set the expense limits for each employee, and eliminate unnecessary expenses.
  • Fast expense sorting
    Employee expenses are displayed in real time and can be easily sorted by payment type and status.
  • Accounting optimization
    All invoices are stored on a single platform in the digital format, helping streamline documentation workflow and facilitate financial accounting.
  • Export reports
    You can efficiently process large amounts of data and generate and export reports into files of any format.
  • Efficient budget management
    Thanks to the unlimited number of issued cards, convenient funds allocation, setting individual limits, and real-time transaction monitoring, you can manage the company budget much more efficiently.
  • Timely payments to suppliers
    Due to instant card payments and cutting-edge software, you’ll be able to significantly decrease the assessment period with the suppliers and clients, greatly simplifying business processes and speeding up capital turnover.
  • Streamlining payment processes
    All required information is available on your personal dashboard: metrics, statistics, and payment categories. You can sort out transactions, see their status and employees’ roles, and use other features that make the payment process much more efficient.

Integration with accounting software opens up many benefits for your business.

  • Facilitating financial accounting
    In real time, an accountant can track payments on all corporate cards, create reports based on various parameters, and export them into any file format.
  • Full expense control
    You can easily control the expenses by regulating limits and effectively manage the finance with all the data required for budget analysis and planning.